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Sometimes all you need is a bit of sensible advice from an industry expert. That's exactly what QT&C's unique, jargon-free Privacy Helpdesk service is designed to offer you.

Whether you just have a niggling question or perhaps a more complicated issue, our Helpdesk can help you get to the bottom of rea-life issues regarding:

  • Information Security
  • Information Risk
  • Information Rights (Data Protection)
  • Business Continuity

Often, a basic understanding of rights and responsibilities can be quickly clarified, giving you peace of mind and the information you need to act accordingly. We'll dispel any urban legends and keep you focused on any relevant duties, responsibilities or laws that may effect your situation. In many cases, just knowing how to respond or what to do next - if anything at all - is just the kind of advice you can live with.  

And if your request takes less than an hour for us to research and answer, the service is free to use. If it takes a little longer then we may have to propose a small fee to cover our research, but no charge will be made without discussing with the service user first

Making a Request

Simply submit the form on this page, along with a brief outline of your question or potential issue. we will aim to respond to all requests within 48hrs.


QT&C wishes to provide you with the best possible service. We are pleased to confirm the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has been consulted in the development of our Privacy Helpdesk. The ICO, the UK’s privacy watchdog, does not endorse or recommend any commercial services. In consulting with the ICO, QT&C are better informed on matters relating to the advisory services required by UK businesses, which we have used to improve our Privacy Helpdesk.

QT&C will only use contact details entered here for the purpose of operating the privacy helpdesk, which will include a periodic newsletter. For more information please see our Privacy Policy here.

Should QT&C become aware of a significant breach of Data Protection Principles, we will advise the service-user of their obligation to notify the Information Commissioner directly. QT&C may also be obliged to notify the ICO on behalf of the user, in accordance with our obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

QT&C are not authorised or regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are therefore not sanctioned to provide legal advice.

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  • The advice received was very thorough, and was relayed to us in a way that made it very clear where we stood on the issue.

    - M Jones

  • Although sceptical of anything free, I tried this service for the first time Oct 2011. QT&C responded the same day, and whilst still comprehensive it was indeed without charge for which I am grateful.

    - S G Willis

  • Thank you for the email. You have confirmed we have nothing to worry about unduly.

    - N Taylor-Bell.

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