Information Security, Assurance and Legal Compliance services.

Effective Information Security protects your business. It's good for your own peace of mind and it's reassuring for your staff, employers, buyers or suppliers. Both legally and morally, it's good to demonstrate to the people you deal with that systems are in place to protect the data they are entrusting you with, and that only legitimate people can access it.  

For any UK organisation, there are some very real advantages to be gained in compliance, such as:

  • New business opportunities - tenders often require assurance of security capabilities
  • A requirement to operate - certain industries place greater emphasis on compliance (e.g. healthcare)
  • Legal or regulatory compliance - falling foul can be very costly
  • Industrial espionage - it doesn't take James Bond to access your most valuable data!
  • Loss of business - contractual requirements required by the supply chain

QT&C offers a range of professional services for Information Assurance and approved training courses covering all aspects of Information Security and legal compliance.


In 2014, QT&C increased our range of training products once again. QT&C is now an accredited training provider of the NEW BCS Data Protection Foundation Course. We also have a new Cyber Security Essentials Course available. QT&C are also now CES and IASME Certified.

In 2013, QT&C became an approved training partner of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) showing once again our commitment to providing you with excellent information security knowledge – this time within a Cloud based environment. Course details.

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Cyber Essentials | IASME Consortium
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